10 Stupid Script Changes That Cut Incredible Sounding Scenes In Classic Movies

The Goonies Octopus A masterpiece takes time. Never a true word spoken regarding our much-loved hit movies. This strenuous process to create onscreen perfection has to start somewhere €“ in none other than the script. Obviously, not every idea leaves the page, but is what we see while eating our popcorn really the best a movie can be? Ever thought, "That could have ended better." Well, in some cases it did. That is before a drastic script change. Oblivious we could be to Armageddon actually ending in... Armageddon. A surprising collection of movies have undergone this change, even those with iconic endings, showing the predecessor script to be far superior. Uncover these alterations in 10 Stupid Script Changes That Cut Incredible Sounding Scenes.

10. Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Indy Told About Dangers Of The Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark Everyone hates a plot hole, especially one as obvious and apparent as this. The Ark of the Covenant €“ the most sort-out relic and entire focus of the incredible Raiders of the Lost Ark, (look it's even in the title) has everyone from Indiana Jones to Adolf Hitler wanting to get their hands on it. Yet, no one goes a foot near the thing. This is clearly obvious the whole time, as they're always carrying it on poles or hiding it in boxes. Why? The Ark is only touched at the end, where the Nazis open it and unleash hell. We all know how that ends. But how did Indy just happen to know to 'not look at it' and then proceed to tell Marion, leaving with their faces intact?

Imam Indy

There is a deleted scene from the script where Indy is warned by a guy called Imam (above, as played by Tutte Lemkov in the movie) of the Ark's dangers. He is cautioned never to touch it or open it. Sallah was even going to reach out and touch the Ark before Indy stops him, in which they then use poles to carry it. However, all these scenes were removed. It is understandable why these script changes were made. No one knew what was going to happen once the Ark was opened, which these deleted scenes would have undoubtedly ruined. Still, dying by having your face melt off would still have come as an odd surprise.

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