10 Subtle Instances Of Method Acting You Never Even Knew About

So Shia Labeouf just fully took acid then...

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Daniel Day-Lewis is renowned for his dedication to movie roles, in the sense that he's been branded as a "method actor" of the highest order. You can't even talk about Daniel-Day Lewis without somebody mentioning the fact that he spent time living away in the woods, hunting for his every meal, whilst prepping for his role in Michael Mann's The Last of the Mohicans, or that he refused to break character for the entirety of Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood. As a result, the man has set the bar for method actors everywhere.

Which means that smaller, less dramatic instances of method acting often disappear into the night without anybody really paying attention to them. If you transform yourself entirely into Abraham Lincoln for 3 months without reverting back to your normal self, people aren't going to pay you as much attention if you simply learn to paint or speak in a different accent.

Day-Lewis' level of immersion has helped only to obscure the smaller triumphs in method acting, you see. Join me as I take a look at 10 subtle instances of method acting that you probably didn't realise had taken place, but prove that the associated actors were committed to their roles in ways that were equally as impressive...

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