10 Subtle Instances Of Method Acting You Never Even Knew About

10. Kate Winslet Spoke In A Non-Stop German Accent (Even At Home) Whilst Making The Reader

The Reader

The Reader is a movie about a former Nazi war criminal attempting to live with the guilt of her evil doings, and Kate Winslet is the actress charged with playing such a conflicted character. Well, she wasn't charged - she chose to do it. Thing is, Winslet isn't German, which meant that she had to talk in a German accent for the entire film to create the illusion that she was in fact a woman named Hanna Schmitz.

Winslet being Winslet, though, she wanted to ensure that her work was top notch, which resulted in her speaking in a German accent for the entire length of production, as to ensure it sounded as realistic as possible. This isn't unheard of, of course - lots of actors would likely find it easier to do it that way. But Winslet took it a method-y step further by choosing to speak in a German accent during her home and personal life, too.

She even recalled a time when, reading her children bedtime stories, they demanded she stop doing it in a weird German accent. And that was probably terrifying, to be fair, during the late hours. Anyway, she won an Oscar for her turn in the movie, so quiet, children - let mummy work.

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