10 Successful Movies That Prove You Will Watch ANYTHING

Have you nothing better to watch than Grown Ups? Apparently not, no.

Grown Ups
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Film-making is a funny business. Sometimes you can have the best of intentions, a great script, the right actors and even a budget to make a brilliant film but for whatever reason this doesn't always garner the success the finished product may rightfully deserve.

And this fact can really sting when you consider some of the trash that manages to bubble its way to the top of the box-office pile.

It is not always abundantly clear why these eye sores of the visual medium seem to catch an audience the way they do. Maybe it is because sometimes people don't want to turn their brains on for a film, maybe there's just nothing else on, maybe people enjoy the masochism of having to sit through two hours of fart jokes and a guy getting hit in the balls repeatedly.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's because some people will literally watch anything...

10. The Hangover Part III

Grown Ups
Warner Bros.

Box Office: $586.8 million

The Hangover 3 was an absolutely pointless third instalment in The Hangover franchise, after the equally needless Hangover 2 had spat all over the original surprise smash hit comedy. Both movies had the audacity to completely rehash its original's premise and claim it as new. The Hangover 2 pointlessly gnawed open tightly buttoned story lines to justify its own existence and the Hangover 3 continues that trend but in an even more insufferable manner.

The jokes simply don't land as well, the characters are less engaging and everything feels like we've already watched it before (maybe because we have...twice!). The low quality of the second should have convinced even the most ardent of fans to avoid the third instalment, especially considering they were only going to have even less material to work with, but yet somehow even this wasn't enough.

The Hangover 3 was still successful at the box office, which shows people just needed to hear it was a Hangover movie to decide to go watch it. Who keeps letting these guys go on trips together? Has no one learned?

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