10 Superhero Movies That Changed Comic Book Characters Forever

From looking like a Nova Corps wannabe to intergalactic space pirate, well done Quill.

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Marvel Comics

To gauge a larger audience, Hollywood may alter comic book properties, to rectify more unusual traits of the prominent superheroes we all love, and know today.

This could vary from slight changes of best known characters, or complete re-hauls; as seen when director James Gunn reinvigorated the Gaurdians Of The Galaxy franchise. Wanted, or otherwise, it's fascinating to observe what Marvel, and DC deemed suitable for reinvention from the source material.

Depending on the reception the films get, the modifications made can seep back into the comics, and inspire future issues, and graphic runs more than the material proceeding it. Hence why some characters suddenly appear more charming, or gruff despite never having an arc inciting such a change.

In some instances the heroes can change physically; adorning a realistic costume worn by their live action counterpart. Or even their origin, all in the favour of making them that more badass.

However, the dicing out of the characters' original concepts can be throwing away treasure. Granting yourself bountiful, and the wiser, when encountering how unrecognisable your favourite superhero has become, after what they were like in the good old comic book pages...

10. Guardians Of The Galaxy - Star-Lord

Star Lord Thumbnail
Marvel Comics

When director James Gunn was adapting the Guardians Of The Galaxy for film a main contender for change was Peter Quill.

Before the film's popularity, the lesser known version of this character suited a military infused get-up, and at worst a black leotard with blue, and yellow geometric padding. It was clear that neither of these uniforms would work on the silver screen, so a new incarnation was made, evoking the freebooter style of Han Solo.

Tying in with the first movie Steve Mcniven, cover artist of Guardians Of The Galaxy (2013) #1, drew Star-Lord without his mask; adopting the recent look, by showing his face, sporting stubble, and a parted hairstyle.

Ever since, comic creators have melded the two iconic looks of the superhero. Now he wears a tactical teal long sleeve shirt, jeans, boots, and the movie face-mask verbatim. Don't befoul of what works, right?

Alongside this Star-Lord's mother Meredith died in his formative years, but by a couple of alien mercenaries called The Badoon (At least it's better than his father planting a tumor in her head.). Quill is as traumatised by this moment, and seeks out the eradication of this race to absolve his past self.


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