10 Superhero Movies That Changed Comic Book Characters Forever

9. The Dark Knight Rises - Bane

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Director Christopher Nolan has inspired both superhero movies, and comic books, after his realistic interpretation in The Dark Knight Trilogy. One of the major changes he made was with Bane.

Depicting a more methodical Bane, from such stories as The Vengeance Of Bane, and Batman: Knightfall, in The Dark Knight Rises returned in a positive audience response. Which made arcs focusing on the humanity of the character reemerge with even the Arkham Series' prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins heavily respecting Nolan's incarnation. In it Bane wore a leather bomber jacket, and military vest. And you can't ignore the wit Arkham Bane showcased, as Tom Hardy's delivery sold his villainous presence.

And in Gotham, Bane took on the respirator to keep him alive, rather than to increase his strength similar to how Nolan incorporated it in his movie. Despite retaining the venom concept, Gotham Bane is a disciple of dealing echoey monologues, and snapping people's necks.

Dark Knight Bane would be proud.


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