10 Supporting Actors Who Totally Stole The Movie

Middle of the bill, top of our favourites list.

Bill Paxton Aliens
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There really aren't many clearer signs for an actor that they've made it to the big time than being the very first name in the list of credits.

After years of hard work, endless hours of playing second fiddle to other people finally pays off when it's your name up in lights and at the very top of the poster.

Only for some cocky little upstart to waltz in, steal your thunder, and completely ruin your big night out.

The top two stars of these movies must have felt this exact pain, because nobody was talking about them after it was all said and done. Instead, these actors all maximised their minutes and put in a phenomenal turn as a character who was supposedly much less "important".

Sometimes it's just easier to playing a secondary or tertiary character. Carrying a narrative is a tricky job, so sometimes it's easier to just come in for a few scenes, give it your all, and then leave again.

Showbusiness is a cruel mistress, but these ten performers all reaped the rewards of the system whilst completely overshadowing the supposed stars.

10. Judd Hirsch - The Fabelmans

Bill Paxton Aliens

Steven Spielberg's recent semi-autobiographical venture The Fabelmans features plenty of standout moments from a fine collection of actors.

Paul Dano does well as the well-meaning father, Michelle Williams absolutely dazzles as the eccentric mother, but the performance that will stick with you the longest after the credits have rolled has got to be that of Judd Hirsch as Uncle Boris.

The great-uncle of main character Sammy, Boris is a successful circus performer who comes to visit the family in the wake of his sister's death. Whilst sharing a room with Sammy, this mad old man gives a whirlwind speech about the cost of pursuing one's passion for art.

The veteran Hirsch is all over the place in this scene and that's not a bad thing. His erratic delivery corresponds perfectly to the highs and lows of a life in the performing arts.

Inspiring, unsettling, and funny all at once, Hirsh not only steals the scene but pretty much the entire movie as well.

Honestly, if Spielberg ever wants to make a prequel about Boris' early days in the circus, he's got our ticket money.


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