10 Surprising Movie Character Traits Everyone Missed

9. David Never Blinks - A.I. Artificial Intelligence

The Dark Knight Rises Bane

Haley Joel Osment gives a heartbreakingly terrific performance in A.I. as David, a childlike android programmed with the ability to love, and a character who original director Stanley Kubrick initially believed no actual child actor could believably play.

And yet, Osment's remarkably nuanced performance totally sells the audience on his uncanny nature, perhaps defined best by subtler physical tics which most audience members wouldn't ever consciously pick up on.

In addition to teaching himself a stiffer posture, Osment also suggested to director Steven Spielberg that David should never be seen blinking, and so undertook the challenge to never once blink during a take.

And indeed, throughout the entire film you'll never see David blink, which is actually pretty ironic considering the obvious advanced technology involved in bringing David to "life," and how comparatively simple a blinking routine would clearly be.

Nevertheless, on some level it gets into the audience's mind that something's a bit off about David, and this certainly helps hammer that home.

Of working under such conditions, Osment said, "It was hard not to blink, because robots always keep their eyes open. The trick is not to think about it a lot. After the first week, I didn't blink even after they yelled, 'Cut,' at the end of a scene."


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