10 Surprisingly Good Performances In Terrible Comic Book Movies

It ain't all bad...

Green Lantern Mark Strong Sinestro
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Since the emergence and subsequent take-over of the comic book genre in Hollywood, we have been treated to some amazing cinematic experiences. Even before the genre became the all-encompassing behemoth it is now, we've had the pleasure of watching great films based on comic properties for years, even going as far back as the distant 1980's with Tim Burton's Batman films.

The karmic joke is that with all the good we must endure the unavoidable bad and comic book films are no stranger to box office and creative duds. Whether they're down to studio interference, rushing a property to get it made in order to maintain film-making rights or the film just being plain awful, it is not a difficult to name a bunch of genre additions you wish you could forget.

Thankfully, with the genre being so popular in this, the modern era, talented actors are often drawn to taking part and on occasion these performances are worth the ticket price alone. Well, maybe not the ticket price but certainly the few hours of sitting down required.

Here are 10 surprisingly good performances hiding within terrible comic book movies...

10. Max Von Sydow In Judge Dredd

Green Lantern Mark Strong Sinestro
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They just don't make films like Judge Dredd anymore. Sure, they still make bad films but Judge Dredd is such an odd one that it's difficult to believe it isn't a spoof. Even Rob Schneider shows up to inject some much needed 'comedy' into the proceedings. The film eventually devolves into a sub-par Stallone-starring action movie but there is one performance that manages to impress...

Max Von Sydow stars as Chief Judge Fargo, a living legend who has now retired from the streets and oversees the Judge programme. Oh, and he's also the clone father of Stallone's Judge Dredd... obviously.

Despite the film being filled with scenery chewing and other such techniques that make you question the very definition of the term 'acting', Von Sydow plays Judge Fargo with an understated sense of honour that only his refined talent could achieve considering the rubbish emanating from his lips.

The genuine affection for his clone son is about the only emotional beat that hits throughout the films run-time and it only works thanks to Von Sydow. The highlight though is the moment of reserved bravery on display as he is sent to walk the Cursed Earth for his failings.

It may not be a hugely showy part, but Sydow's talent is all that's needed to be noticed amongst all the yelling.


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