10 Surprisingly Good Performances In Terrible Comic Book Movies

9. Ray Stevenson In Punisher: War Zone

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Bad comic book movies are often constant attempts to do a property justice over and over again, its happening with Fantastic 4 and it happened with The Punisher until Marvel took over for Daredevil series 2.

A lot of love is deservedly sent in the direction of Thomas Jane's portrayal and as bad as that movie is it is at the very least an enjoyable 80's throwback. The bad Punisher movie with the good performance in the middle is the attempt from 2008, Punisher: Worse Punisher.

Ray Stevenson not only looks a lot more like the character than Jane, he has the gruff, weathered quality that is essential to doing Frank Castle justice. He growls his lines as The Punisher should and sure, they're terribly written lines but Stevenson commits and commits hard carrying such a terrible film on his broad punishing shoulders.

Stevenson is still waiting on a breakout role and had the film around him been of a higher quality The Punisher could have been it.


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