10 Talented Actors Who Just Can't Seem To Make A Good Film

Were these guys cursed or something? What the heck happened?!

Actors don't always have it easy. Just picture the scene for a moment, will you? You just spent months and months making a motion picture - one that you believed to be worth your time and effort - only for it to receive terrible reviews in the press. Members of the public outwardly vocalise their distain, questioning how - or why - you ended up in such a huge piece of garbage. "They've lost it," they say. "They make terrible movies now." Having committed a large portion of your existence to said project, that can't be a good feeling. Knowing that the world hates something that you made, and that you - the actor - are partly responsible. You know, just for saying yes to the damn thing in the first place. If actors had the gift of foresight, of course, we probably wouldn't have bad movies. And yet, nobody could ever premeditate a good movie - there are too many variables; too many things that could get in the way. Truth is, a good movie is usually the result of an accident. Things just happened to work out favourably, and phew, let's just count our blessings. As a result of this cruel system, though, there are some actors who cannot seem to catch a break - despite their huge talents, they just seem to end up making bad film after bad film. You'd think that after a while they'd stumble into a good film by accident, even - that a bit of luck would just allow them to wind up in an okay movie. Nope: these guys seem doomed to relive the same bad decisions, over and over again. And it's always even their fault. Here, then, are 10 talented actors who just can't seem to make a good film no matter how hard they try. To help put things into perspective, we've included the number of "Rotten" movies per actor deemed by critical aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes in the last 5 years...
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