10 More Tear-Jerking Moments In Incredibly Macho Movies

"Crying? No, I'm not crying! It's just a bit of onion, okay? There was onion in my popcorn!"

The word 'inevitable' conjures up different things for different people. Some may think of a particularly cringe-inducing commercial featuring Brad Pitt, while others may think of exponentially increasing internet traffic whenever an article is published that features both the words 'Nude' and 'Scarlett Johansson' in the title. In Hollywood, sequels to successful action films are inevitable, which segues very nicely indeed to this article; a sequel to one we previously published, in fact, which you can view here. The original article focused on those macho films that managed to wring some genuine emotion out of a certain breed of man. You know the type. No neck, gifted with a walk like they're carrying a TV under each arm and a constant 'what's going on here?' look plastered across their face. Films like Terminator 2, Gladiator and Braveheart somehow managed to strike a chord with these characters, and might have even been successful in extracting a tear or two from their seldom-used tear ducts (it happens). We had such a great response from our readers offering up different films, however, that I set out to compile another list. Please join me, then, for a look a 10 more macho films with tear-jerker moments guaranteed to rock alpha males to their core and cajole some genuine emotion out of them...

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