10 More Tear-Jerking Moments In Incredibly Macho Movies

10. The Exchange - Man On Fire

The Movie: The late Tony Scott's violent thriller has Denzel Washington's suicidal ex-government assassin taking a bodyguard job in crime-ridden Mexico. His charge; nine year old Pita played by Dakota Fanning. When she is kidnapped Denzel goes on the rampage killing everyone involved with a fondness for proctological bomb placement. Tear-Jerker Moment: Having murdered most of Mexico, Denzel finds out 9-year-old Pita is still alive and the kidnappers will exchange her for him. At the hand-off the two embrace and share a tearful goodbye before a mortally wounded Denzel is driven off, presumably to be tortured and murdered, before finally succumbing to his wounds and finding peace at last. Peace which the audience don't find though as they're too busy crying into their hankies.

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