10 Teased Movie Endings That Frustratingly Never Happened

Batman totally should've died.

The Dark Knight Rises Batman.jpg
Warner Bros.

It goes without saying that an ending can make or break a movie - get it right and you elevate everything that came before, but screw it up and you can fatally derail a film no matter how well-crafted it might otherwise be.

And there's nothing like a movie that teases one ending only to ultimately go in an entirely different direction.

Sometimes our expectations can be subverted to electrifying effect - Captain America: Civil War teasing a showdown against a supersoldier army only to cancel it last-minute, for instance - but doing this in a way that doesn't disappoint is extremely challenging.

After all, movies are all about wish fulfillment, and if you tease viewers with a tantalising finale only to deliver something else entirely, it needs to be damn good.

And that's where these 10 movies - some of them good, some of them bad - all came unstuck.

Each promised a spectacular and gratifying ending only to serve up a woefully inferior replacement, demonstrating a certain creative cowardice or, in the very least, sheer laziness...


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