10 Terrible 2014 Horror Movies To Avoid This Halloween

The only scary aspect of these monstrosities is how much they suck!

All Hallows' Eve is looming, which means there's no better time of the year to catch up with the year's array of horror offerings. That said, the genre has a notoriously low quotient of movies that are actually worth watching, meaning that horror fans have to judiciously separate out the classics from the garbage. In 2014, multiplex horror has been about as routinely awful as it has for decades, with studios leaning on the same, tired tropes over and over again to distressing box office success (but a critical pummeling, of course). With VOD blasting off over the last year in particular, there are more avenues than ever to catch new movies, and though this in theory provides audiences with even more choice, it also widens the entry-point for films that would usually just end up straight-to-video or never even made in the first place. Having combed through theatrical releases and lesser-known low-budget horrors you might accidentally stumble across and take a chance on, here are the 10 horror movies from 2014 that, no matter how you discover them, you should absolutely ensure to avoid if you want to get in the mood for Halloween. These "horror" flicks are more likely to leave you sleepy and irritated rather than disturbed and terrified. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a run-down of the 2014 horror movies you absolutely must see!
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