10 Terrible Actors Who Won The Hollywood Lottery

Vin is getting PAID.

The Fate Of The Furious Vin Diesel

There's no tried-and-tested method to "making it" in Hollywood, and no matter how talented an actor might be, there's no guarantee they'll find the right projects and click with audiences in the right way.

To the same token, the most unlikely and untalented of people can rise to the top in the film industry thanks to an over-the-odds allowance of luck in their favour.

By getting cosy with a legendary filmmaker or producer - or, hell, just being related to them or even marrying them - talentless hacks can print tens of millions of dollars by scoring themselves a hit blockbuster franchise or two.

These 10 actors, each of them having categorically proven they don't have a whole lot to offer the acting world by now, have enjoyed a baffling amount of success through a combination of perseverance and good fortune. It's mostly good fortune, obviously.

Life isn't fair and fate rewards the talentless, but there's nevertheless an oddly inspiring quality to these acting non-entities making superstar lives for themselves while possessing little-to-no natural aptitude for their jobs...


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