10 Terrible Actors Who Won The Hollywood Lottery

10. Sam Worthington

Avatar Sam Worthington
20th Century Fox

Sam Worthington has had possibly the most fascinatingly muted career of any actor on this list, if only because despite being the lead actor in the highest-grossing film of all time, Avatar, he's the furthest thing from a household name imaginable.

The Aussie's first major role may have technically been in Terminator Salvation several months prior to Avatar's release, though that's only because post-production on James Cameron's epic was so damn long, during which Cameron in fact recommended Worthington for the fourth Terminator movie.

Back in 2009 it really did seem like Worthington would become a huge star off the back of Avatar's success, no matter that his protagonist Jake Sully was a bit dull (though clearly a blank slate by design).

Worthers subsequently appeared in two Clash of the Titans movies and that's pretty much it. Since 2012 he's been largely starring in smaller films you probably missed, though it's at this point that Worthington's luck truly starts to shine through.

Cameron is of course pressing on with four Avatar sequels, with Worthington set to star in every single one.

Principal photography has already wrapped on Avatar 2, and with Avatar 5 set to take Cameron and co. up to 2025, it's safe to say that the actor's going to be swimming in residual checks for the rest of his natural life.

Despite starring in so few movies of note, he's reportedly worth $25+ million, and that number's only sure to skyrocket over the next five-or-so years. Not bad for a bloke who started out as a bricklayer and was living in his car prior to scoring the Avatar gig.


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