10 Terrible Characters In Otherwise Awesome Movies

Were these movies stronger than their weakest links?

january jones x-men first class
20th Century Fox

When all's said and done, there's really no such thing as a flawless movie. Even the very best of them will have little niggling problems, like the odd contrived plot device, or some lines of dialogue that don't quite work. And while the best movies will surely boast central characters which are in some way endearing, or at least give you some grounds to be invested in them, most movies will invariably feature at least one or two supporting characters who you ultimately couldn't care less about.

Or worse yet, who you wind up outright despising.

Often, these less-than-likeable characters are little more than a minor distraction, and easy to overlook when everything around them is going so well. Unfortunately, these characters sometimes turn out to be so damned irritating, that they wind up derailing every scene they show up in - and if they show up enough, they may come perilously close to taking down the entire movie.

The ten offenders named and shamed here are the most egregious examples of bad characters popping in good movies, whose makers really should have known better. None of them managed to keep their respective movies from being hugely enjoyable viewing experiences, but you'd be forgiven for thinking this wasn't for lack of trying.


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