9 Terrible Jobs The Movies Made Look Awesome

Having Richard Gere as your client makes prostitution seem a to-die-for gig that we all wish we had.

pretty woman When we're kids, a large part of the reason why we choose our future occupation is based on what we see on television and in movies. Granted, we usually change our minds once we hit our teens and develop a little better grasp on reality, but in the early years we all wanted to be Batman, Billy The Kid or John McClane. Haven't you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself how awesome it would be to be a police officer? High speed car chases, always getting the girl while taking down crooks and basking in the glory? A staple of Hollywood has been to make being a cop look like the most exhilarating, thrill-a-minute job in the world. But the reality is there's very little glamour in protecting and serving. You life's constantly in danger, you're poorly compensated for putting yourself in harm's way and you spend far too much time on paperwork. Ask any police officer if their life even remotely resembles Mike Lowrey's from Bad Boys. You might get punched. But that's not the only job that the movies have tried to convince us is a far better occupation than it actually is. Usually it's an average job that is polished up with a little more appeal than usual, but every now and then a horridly miserable profession is depicted as a to-die-for gig that we all wish we had. So let's take a look at 9 terrible jobs the movies made look awesome.

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