10 "Terrible" Movie Sequels That Are Actually Good

Not all sequels are bad, and these ones are certainly worth your time...

Psycho 2 Norman Bates
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If you consider yourself a film buff, then there's a pretty strong chance that you've sat down to watch the sequel to one of your all-time favourite movies only to find yourself so utterly disappointed by just how poor it was.

The notion of terrible sequels is certainly nothing new, with a number of Hollywood's greatest films being succeeded by a slew of dreadful follow-ups in franchises that should have just known to leave well enough alone. Yes, there are exceptions to that rule - the rare breed of sequel that is so good it even eclipses its predecessor comes to mind - but the general consensus is that sequels often struggle to match the heights of what came before.

Somewhere in the midst of all that, however, you'll find this lot. A bunch of solid sequels done so dirty by their negative reputation that you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who wants to watch them, and yet they all possess their own charming qualities that make them worthy of your time. Whether they're direct sequels, spin-offs or even threequels, they simply don't deserve the hate because they're actually pretty great movies.

Let's get to know these underappreciated gems a little better...

10. The Expendables 3

Psycho 2 Norman Bates

A who's who of Hollywood action heroes - both past and present - got together in one of cinema's most entertaining smackdowns, The Expendables, released way back in 2010. Undeniably entertaining, ridiculously logic-defying and thrilling from beginning to end, the action-packed film was a success and it spawned two sequels in 2012 and 2014.

While the second one - which featured the reintroduction of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Trench Mauser in a more regular capacity - took it to greater heights both critically and commercially, the third film's record ain't so pristine.

Infamous for its negative critical reception and poor box office performance (due to the fact that it leaked online weeks before its release), The Expendables 3 sees the team come face-to-face with their co-founder - who now wants to destroy them. And you know what? That's a pretty spectacular plot for an action movie!

It's not as deep as the second installment and, overall, it certainly feels like a step back for the franchise, but to call it terrible would be to insult a damn fine action flick. There are some great set pieces throughout (though we wouldn't expect anything less from a Stallone movie) and, Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes are in it! I mean, come on: What more could you want?


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