10 Terrible Movie Super Villains Which Deserve Another Attempt

Even the worst of evil doers occasionally find themselves in need of a do-over.

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The dichotomy between good and evil has served as the basis for our stories since the dawn of time, and there's a reason the premise has held up for so long.

There's always something biblical about watching the two ends of the spectrum face off, and that's a big part of the absolutely monumental success achieved by superhero movies over the past few decades.

While the MCU seems to have mostly nailed the formula for a good superhero flick and other studios are doing their best to keep up, we do still occasionally see an on-screen iteration of a well-known super villain that simply doesn't land.

Whether it can be put down to poor CGI, laughable dialogue, or an inexplicable miscasting of the role, all too often do we see a great villain portrayed as something much less than they deserve to be.

Everyone has their own pick for the worst represented super villain, along with a few ideas of how better to represent them, and with an absolutely staggering number of comic book adaptations out there (and more released every year), there's so very many to choose from, but here are some terrible movie super villains which really deserve another crack at the big screen.

10. Rhino

Spider-Man has one of the most interesting and colourful rogues' galleries in all of comic books, and with a total of seven movies over three separate iterations of the character, there's bound to have been at least one of the webslinger's nemeses done wrong.

Rhino's inclusion in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a strange one. Something of a throwaway cameo intended to set up a sequel to Andrew Garfield's unimpressive sophomore effort, Rhino first appears in non-Rhino form during a failed heist, is apprehended by Spider-Man, then later reappears at the very end of the movie in an effort to inspire some excitement for a sequel.

There were a few problems with this iteration of Rhino, the largest of which can be forgiven. The villain's remarkably brief appearance was intended to serve only as a teaser to his inclusion in a Sinister Six follow-up movie, which ultimately never came to fruition.

The use of a huge, lumbering suit of mechanical armour took much more creative license than it should have, but at least it was in keeping with the tone of the movie. The awful Russian accent that even Rhino actor Paul Giamatti openly dubbed as "hammy"? That was truly unforgivable.

Rhino deserves another shot in the MCU, and hopefully next time around he'll actually be Rhino-eque instead of just a shiny walking tank.


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