10 Terrible Movies Everyone Goes Way Too Easy On

Is it because Batman & Robin was so bad that Batman Forever isn't criticised enough?

MGM/Columbia Pictures

It€™'s a sad fact that only gets reaffirmed every blockbuster season: the majority of movies that get released are average. Or worse.

Thankfully, film fans have found a novel way to deal with the problem: complaining. There's nothing more cathartic than after having wasted the past couple of hours watching a bad movie than tearing it a new one. It feels like a bit of proper retribution, hitting the movie (and anyone who worked on it) right where it hurts. Sure, it may not actually make anything better, but it sure does feel good. Sometimes, however, it feels like it gets taken a little too far.

Plenty of times the battle against bad movies/our rage issues leads to a perfectly adequate movie being savaged, or a great one dismissed as being a little bit average. And in all the angry and abuse, sometimes we even miss some terrible movies.

There's plenty of utterly dreadful films that manage to escape a grubbing by critics, fans or general audiences, sneaking by with some semblance of a reputation. Maybe they simply weren'€™t as bad as everyone expected or hid their crappiness under a veil of innocuousness. Whatever the reason, here are ten of those films that maybe you should think twice about before defending.


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