10 Terrible Movies That Have Surprisingly Awesome Soundtracks

It's hard to separate the horribleness in front of your eyes from the loveliness hitting your ears.

Film and music have a tough relationship sometimes. There's a certain art to finding the perfect song to accompany a particular scene in a movie, and not everyone gets it. In fact, a whole lot of movies suffer because someone decided to squeeze an ill-fitting song into a scene it had no business in. That's the detrimental side. Conversely, quite a few films that were destined to be box office stinkers were saved by having a great song attached to it. Would anyone remember Dangerous Minds, even a little bit, if it weren't for the monster success of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise?" Doubtful. Michelle Pfeiffer would probably even agree to this point. Still, a good selection of music isn't always able to save the day. In fact, sometimes a lot of really great soundtracks get overlooked because the name of the movie attached to it is just too off-putting for consumers. Well, dammit, it's high time some of these wonderful soundtracks stepped out of the shadows of the piss-poor films they had the bad fortune of being connected to.


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