10 Terrible Sequels To Awesome Films That We Wish Didn't Exist

9. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

superman-iv-1 Superman, like Batman, had a great first film, a great second film (with bigger and better villains), a questionable third film and a terrible fourth film. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace didn€™t know what to do with the franchise, that much is clear. They€™d done Zod and then some random trio of evil scientists in the third. This film tried to reattempt those elements that made the first two films great. Lex Luthor as the big bad. And an enemy that had the strength to go up against Superman and knock him senseless. Enter Nuclear Man. Cashing in on the Cold War, the plot had Lex Luthor creating this super villain with the DNA from a strand of Superman€™s hair and nuclear material, while Superman himself declares his bold plan to rid the world of all nuclear weaponry. All sounds a bit naff and it is. Nuclear Man is no Zod and the fights between him and Superman in space look frankly, quite cheap. Surely, for this big screen outing they could have come up with some decent baddies like Doomsday, Darkseid or Braniac? But no, Christopher Reeve€™s Superman ended with a whimper€not a nuclear explosive bang€

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