10 Terrible Twists In Recent Movies That Pissed Us Off

Who saw that coming? Everyone.

Scream VI
Paramount Pictures

To keep moviegoers entertained, the industry throws everything at us - breathtaking visuals, spell-binding action, compelling stories, and riveting characters.

However, the most effective way for a film to leave viewers utterly gobsmacked is to hit them with a twist. If you cast your mind back to the most impactful cinematic moments of your life, you'll probably think of the shocking endings of The Sixth Sense, Saw, or The Empire Strikes Back.

Now, just because a twist is a great storytelling tool, that doesn't mean it's easy to pull off. More often that not, the big rug-pull comes across as desperate, non-sensical, or cringey. Because of this, you'd assume filmmakers would be careful with stuffing their work with gimmicky "gotcha" moments.

But based on the recent state of cinema, it looks like Hollywood hasn't learned a thing. When you watch a modern feature conclude with a predictable twist that's been done better dozens of times, you're not just pissed off, you're insulted.

I know it's tough to nail a great twist, but it's 2023 for goodness sake! After all these years, can the movies of today pull off something more creative than "He was dead all along" or "It was all a dream?"

10. Who Is Ghostface? - Scream VI (2023)

Scream VI

From the opening sequence of Scream VI, you can tell the filmmakers are trying extra hard to catch us out. Since this is the first entry to have THREE Ghostfaces, you'd think it would be impossible to guess it right.

Ironically, the big reveal is embarrassingly predictable. In the end, hero Sam discovers the murderous trio are Detective Bailey, his daughter Quinn, and his son Ethan. Annoyingly, this revelation is far from shocking, since many viewers deduced one, two, or all three killers, long before the masks came off.

Because the murderer is leaving the masks of previous Ghostfaces at the crime scenes, Bailey has to be the culprit, since he's the only one with access to the evidence locker. When Quinn is "murdered," Bailey mentions how devastating it is to lose his daughter shortly after losing his son. Because this line wouldn't be inserted into the scene unless it was relevant, many viewers assumed Bailey was talking about the previous Ghostface, Richie. With that in mind, it wasn't hard to put two and two together, reasoning that he and Quinn were in cahoots. Also, the camera never shows Ethan while Mindy is stabbed by Ghostface, clearly indicating they were one and the same.

If you didn't pick up on these clues, you can still determine Ghostface's identity by the process of elimination. There are only six new characters that make up Scream VI's main ensemble. Chad has a rock-solid alibi and Anika met her demise pretty early on. Save for Kirby, there's no characters left that could possibly be the killers.


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