10 Terrific Scenes From Otherwise Terrible Comic Book Movies

Think Ghost Rider was all bad? Think again.

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Although we've been experiencing something of a comic book movie renaissance in recent years, owed in part to the terrific work of Christopher Nolan and to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well, the genre (if it can even be called one) has seen its fair share of cinematic stinkers over the years.

Batman, Superman, the Fantastic Four - all of them have had to put up with some truly diabolical feature films at some point or another. And while it might be difficult to look past some of them in search of something brilliant, some of these ostensibly woeful films have displayed the odd glimmer of quality every now and then.

They might still be bad - sure - but to deny the things they actually got right would be really unfair, particularly when most criticism surrounding classic comics features tends to devolve into a clich├ęd cacophony of Bat-Nipple resentment, emo-Peter hatred and Schwarzenegger-inspired puns. It's pretty boring.

The chorus get's so loud, in fact, that when honest appraisals do push against the consensus, they tend to get drowned out completely. But let's face it, Batman Forever has good moments. Daredevil has good moments. Heck, even 2005's Fantastic Four has good moments. Moments that, more often than not, cut through what makes these films so bad in the first place.

They might still be naff, but even the most soulless comic book caper has some praises to sing.

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