10 Terrific Scenes From Otherwise Terrible Comic Book Movies

10. Daredevil Vs. Kingpin (Daredevil)

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Although 2003's Daredevil will ultimately go down as a comic book bomb along the same lines as Elektra, Ghost Rider and Blade: Trinity, it did exhibit flashes of brilliance during its 103 minute running time.

The director's cut of the film, released alongside the home release of the theatrical cut, was a major improvement over the original. It spent more time in the courtroom and less on the playground fight/flirt... room, making for a film that, while still flawed, still managed to entertain. One thing that you don't need the director's cut to appreciate, however, is the final confrontation between Matt Murdock and Kingpin.

In a performance that was under-appreciated then and still is now, the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan's Kingpin taunts a battered and bruised Matt Murdock who, for the time being, looks to be down for the count. Little does he know that Matt's sonar can be boosted by rainfall though, and after recovering from his injuries, the tables are turned with a flick of the sprinklers and two heavy kicks to the knee.

Fisk buckles, and Murdock sets about turning his entire world upside down, safe in the knowledge that the Kingpin - now marked out by the law - will be going away for a very, very long time. It's a confrontation easily outmatched by the Netflix series, but one that, nonetheless, is still easy to appreciate.

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