10 Terrifying British Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

9. A Dark Song

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Cabin fever almost seems like an amusing idea for a horror movie, as everyone has gotten used to being cooped up in the same place for an extended period in the last few years. However, A Dark Song is anything but amusing, as this occult-themed Welsh getaway is certainly not peaceful.

The movie centres on a woman, Sophia, who rents out a large house on the outskirts of Wales. She employs an occultist named Michael to perform a ritual that will allow her to contact her dead son. Unfortunately, secrets become revealed as the movie progresses, and the procedure soon becomes dangerous.

This one is a real slow burn as the film takes its time to establish the mood, tone and atmosphere before getting too frightening. You'll feel yourself getting frustrated alongside the characters as this painful, long ritual drags out. This makes you fall in deep with the pair, causing the eventual threats and violence to hit you just as hard as it does them.

A Dark Song is a picture that is complemented by its acting, with Catherine Walker and Steve Oram doing an excellent job in the leading roles. They, alongside the strong direction and script from Liam Gavin, help to make this seemingly static film a tense experience.

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