10 Terrifying British Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

8. Red Kingdom Rising

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Britain is widely known for producing some of history's most iconic pieces of literature, and one such title is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This classic tale has seen many on-screen iterations, but this movie does away with all the pleasantries of the original novel and delves into something far more frightening than a tea party.

This low-budget horror film follows the adventures of a troubled woman who is sucked into the terrifying world of the Red Kingdom, where she is forced to encounter and confront Wonderland-inspired figures who reflect her horrific past.

There is a long history of bringing the darkness out of the Alice in Wonderland tale, as seen in surreal horrors like Jan Svankmajer's Alice or even Tim Burton's live-action Disney movies. But, Red Kingdom Rising shifts the focus from the surrealism of the adventure to the examination of trauma, memory and repression. The exploration of a damaged psyche combined with dreamlike imagery creates a unique spin on the classic tale.

You're also in luck if any of this sounds appealing, as the film is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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