10 Terrifying Horror Movie Outbreaks

What's wrong with your eyes? Are you coughing up blood? Somebody get me some hand sanitizer!!

Contagion still
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There is just something we love about apocalypses and things that could end the world. If it's not aliens or natural disasters, we'll gladly take a solid disease to tear down society. Not that we actually want to experience any of them...but man, are they terrifyingly fun to watch!

There's four horsemen of the apocalypse, so today let's give props to the first one: pestilence. Infections! Diseases! Viruses! Bacterias! We've got you covered. Let's take a look through some pretty horrible outbreak situations in movies. Some of these get cured, some of these end the world. Absolutely all of these are going to wreck your vacation plans.

Let's see some doctors and scientists race for cures. Can they stop the outbreaks before all of society crumbles? Will the humanity end or will we be subjected to a dystopian future?

And just to start off, no...we're not covering "vampirism". It's been far too romanticized. Some movies depict being a vampire as kind of a good time; you're attractive, mystifying and sometimes you'll even sparkle. Instead we're focusing on the bad outbreaks, the really terrifying and sometimes gross diseases.

With shout outs to the Andromeda Strain and Geostigma, let us know in the comment section which movie disease outbreak you're most scared of catching!

10. Simian Flu Virus - Planet Of The Apes Prequel Trilogy

Cabin Fever
20th Century Fox

Movie: Rise of, Dawn of, and War for the Planet of the Apes

Contracted by: Direct contact and contact with objects touched by the infected

Symptoms: What originally was developed as a cure for Alzheimer's disease, ALZ 112 & 113 caused bleeding out of nose, eyes, and mouth and ultimately death. The quickly spreading virus would later mutate and instead of death, humans would lose their ability for speech and intelligence would be lowered to a primal level.

Cure: Yeah...no. Be an ape?

Good news for apes: ALZ-113 increases your brain function and intelligence. This, combined with the downfall of humanity will allow you to take over the world. If I live though it: dear future ape ruler, please give me a cage with plenty of space and fresh water, thanks!

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