10 Terrifying Horror Movie Outbreaks

9. Loss Of Sight (White Blindness) - Blindness

Cabin Fever
20th Century Fox

Movie: Blindness 2008

Contracted by: “Either the blindness spread the panic, or the panic spread the blindness”

Symptoms: Well, you can't see anything.

Cure: It just kinda clears up on its own.

Unlike real-life, decent blind people, in this outbreak, being blind apparently makes some people kind of terrible and causes all societal order to break down. We're talking loss of emergency services, food sources, and authority.

If you catch it early, you'll be stuck in quarantine under terrible conditions. If you catch it late, you'll be stuck in public under terrible conditions. But if you're lucky, maybe one member of your group will happen to be immune and lead you to survival.

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