10 Terrifying Horror Movies Starring MCU Actors

Iron Man as a serial killer? Black Widow as an alien? These Marvel actors sure can be scary.

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The world of superheroes and villains can be a somewhat frightening place. With the stakes being so high - as the extinction of all life is often on the line - it's slightly surprising that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has such a jovial and carefree tone. However, the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness promises to be the first MCU experience that embraces the fear and gives audiences a glimpse into the world of horror in superhero form.

While the movies themselves are only about to take their first plunge into this genre, the actors who permeate the franchise will be making no such leap. Since the series is filled to the brim with established and fast-rising stars, it comes as no surprise that plenty of them have spent time in horror movies, pulling out some great performances in freaky titles.

These forthcoming films are the pinnacle when it comes to the MCU actors in horror. Each of them terrified audiences upon their release, and are still the kind of movie you might want to watch with a pillow to hide behind.

10. Robert Downey Jr./Annette Bening - In Dreams

Oculus movie
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If you only know Dreamworks as the lovely studio responsible for funny ogres and charming animation, then you clearly missed this one. In Dreams is a terrifying movie that doesn't overstay its welcome and packs a ton of scares into its runtime. Additionally, like the contrast to traditional Dreamworks pictures, viewers are treated to a terrifyingly out of character performance from the always heroic Iron Man in this one.

The film follows Claire Cooper (Annette Bening) as she discovers that her frightening dreams have a real-world connection to a serial killer. She attempts to understand her visions and intends to use them to stop this serial murderer from taking more lives, all while her quiet life collapses around her.

While there are a few drawbacks that keep the title from living up to its full potential - like poor pacing and an overreliance on melodrama - it is a film that will keep you engaged thanks to its incredible creativity. The dream sequences are mesmerising, and as they begin to bleed into Claire's real life, it becomes all the more frightening.

Downey Jr. brings a fantastic performance here as the killer, he's clearly having the time of his life in the role. While he it takes some time for him to appear, you can still get your MCU fix, as the leading character is played by Captain Marvel's very own Dr Wendy Lawson, who really delivers on the intense decline of Claire's dwindling sanity.


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