10 Terrifying Horror Movies Where Nobody Dies

These horror movies were all scary as hell, but somehow nobody died.

Poltergeist Jobeth Williams Skeletons

Violent deaths tend to be part and parcel when it comes to horror movies. After all, it's hard to think of a single slasher, found-footage flick, or spooky thriller that isn't filled to the brim with decapitations, dismemberments, and impalements. 

And yet, some features manage to be as terrifying without any blood and guts whatsoever. Characters may be battered, mauled, and stabbed, but The Grim Reaper fails to capture a single soul. Although the story may revolve around death, there might not be a single fatality.

At first, a lack of casualties in a horror sounds anti-climactic. Many veterans of the genre may expect to see people being maimed or ripped apart in all sorts of creative ways.

But there are times when filmmakers successfully craft some truly hair-raising stuff, without resorting to mindless bloodshed and cheap kills. By focusing more on building tension, sharp writing, compelling acting, and maintaining a gripping atmosphere, certain movies can be teeth-chattering, without anyone shedding a drop of blood.

Although each entry on this list ends with the whole ensemble still breathing, it doesn't change the fact they're scary as hell.

10. Fire In The Sky

Poltergeist Jobeth Williams Skeletons

Fire in the Sky, which is based on an alleged case of alien abduction, follows a logger called Walton who's abducted by a flying saucer shortly after finishing his shift

Interestingly, none of the characters in the film are in any danger, save for Walton. Since he's returned to Earth five days after the abduction, it looks like everything worked out, at least on the surface.

Although nobody loses their life, there's no doubt Walton's experience on the galactic vessel has rattled him. When the aliens return Walton home, he has no memory of where he's been. 

While at a party, he suddenly remembers his time on the UFO with disturbing clarity. During his abduction, the aliens stripped Walton bare, tied him to a slab, and performed excruciating experiments on him. Although it's not clear what the extra-terrestrials are doing or why, the unknown factor makes this sequence more heart-pounding. While gel is smeared into Walton's mouth, his oxygen is cut off, and a needle closes in on his unblinking eyeball, it feels like he's caught in a living nightmare.

Fire in the Sky may have any kills but it definitely doesn't skimp on the scares.

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