10 Terrifying Horror Villains The MCU Won't Use

4. Slapstick

Skinless Man
Marvel Comics

Have you ever looked at your average Tom And Jerry cartoon and thought of just how horrifying these slapstick creatures would be if you unleashed them upon the real world? Well, that question has found its answer in the form of Slapstick.

Slapstick is a lesser known, but VERY horrific Marvel villain whose whole thing is that he plays by the rules of your average Hannah Barbera or Tex Avery cartoon. The problem of course being that no one else does, even when he inflicts otherwise hilarious pain upon them.

As awesome as it would be to see one of the MCU heroes (especially Deadpool) go head to head with Slapstick, it's not hard to see why it's probably never going to happen. Besides the inhuman cost to come up with CGI that could do Slapstick's antics justice, the character's whole thing - the core of his concept - is brutality and body horror. he is a serial killer who plays by Loony Tunes rules.

It would be like trying to get a movie made about the original comics version of The Mask. Not gonna say it's impossible, but good luck with that.

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