10 Terrifying Movie Monsters You Could Easily Beat

Got your water bottle with you? Aliens are no problem, then...

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Movie monsters are designed to be as unbeatable as possible as the harder something is to kill then the scarier it becomes. For instance, the Xenomorph from Alien is a perfectly engineered killing machine with no real weaknesses, where you don't even dare harm it or risk a coating of acid.

Godzilla is a gigantic force of nature that not even a nuclear bomb can stop, so chances are you're going to have a hard time taking the big boy down.

Then there are the movie monsters that haunt your nightmares due to the film's they encompass doing such an amazing job portraying the threat they pose. The odds seem stacked against you should you ever find yourself in the same predicament as one of their victims on-screen.

However, these are 10 movie monsters that may seem like formidable foes at first, but after seeing them in action and really thinking about it, you realize you could take them out without much issue.

10. Dracula (Hammer Series)

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Hammer Horror

Dracula is an OG movie monster, with a perfect balance of elegance and vicious bloodlust.

The Hammer Horror film series, starring Christopher Lee as the vampire, brought him roaring back to the screen more ruthless and violent than before and was much more intense and scary because of it.

All the main weaknesses are there such as sunlight and getting staked through the heart, but over the 8 sequels produced they added on so many other ways Dracula can be beaten that you begin to wonder what doesn't kill him.

It turns out Dracula can be killed via a lot of methods that would kill a normal man. He drowns in the first sequel, gets burned alive after being struck by lightning in the 5th entry and in the 4th film he dies just by being inside a church and turning into a pile of ash.

In Dracula A.D. 1972, we learn that even something as simple as running water is deadly to the horror icon as his follower Alucard dies while going for a shower. Yes, it is as dumb as it sounds.

As chilling as Christopher Lee's performance is, there's just no arguing this may be one of the most beatable versions of the count ever portrayed. Lure him to a church near a river with a stake in your hand and the options open to you already make the fight trivial.

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