10 Terrifying Movie Monsters You Could Easily Beat

9. The Entity From It Follows

aliien signs
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The entity from It Follows is a brilliantly terrifying concept. It can take the appearance of anyone and slowly walks in your direction until it catches up to and eventually murders you.

The only way to get rid of it is to have sex with someone and pass it on. Sounds simple enough, but the entity isn't bound to exist until a specific person is gone, and will eventually work its way back down the chain of sexual partners to come back for you.

However, if you watch the movie closely you'll notice, just like the aliens from Signs, it seems that the frightening stalker can't seem to work doors. It can climb up to roofs and smash through windows, but if you happen to be in a locked room with no clear entry but a normal door, it will knock until you answer in order to get in.

This is a pretty massive problem for it as there's no evidence the entity can teleport or move outside the limits of human movement. You can drop it in a pit without a ladder and nothing suggests it won't just be stuck there.

You could take advantage of its issue with doors and lock it in an industrial freezer. The thing will be left to stand there dumbfounded while you go about your business undisturbed. Luring it into such a scenario wouldn't be tough, and you'll beat one of the best horror monsters of the modern era easily.

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