10 Things About Marvel Movies That Are Starting To Irritate Us

One Stan Lee cameo is funny. Hordes of Stan Lee cameos? Not so much.

SonySonyMarvel are completely bossing the world of cinema right now - to the extent that DC appear to be playing an extremely rushed and hasty game of catch-up in order to compete with their comic book rivals. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony's Amazing Spider-Man franchise and Fox's X-Men franchise are three of the most popular ongoing movie series in Hollywood and fans are flocking like seagulls to see every instalment. The franchises in question have produced some brilliant movies - Iron Man, X2, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, for example, were thrilling and enjoyable examples of action-packed cinema - and have created some of the most popular characters in Hollywood today (Iron Man, Loki, Wolverine, Spider-Man, we're looking at you), but they certainly aren't without their issues. Some glaring problems, cracks and annoyances are starting to emerge in Marvel's movies - some of which are niggling issues that audiences will simply have to grin and bear, but some of which are also seriously threatening the future success of the properties in question. In this article, we'll take a look at some of those irritating things (don't say WhatCulture only bashes Man of Steel and the Nolan Batman movies!). Here are ten things about Marvel movies that are starting to irritate us (this article does contain some spoilers from Marvel movies)...
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