10 Things You Didn't Know About Disney's Frozen

8. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell Both Auditioned For Tangled

It seems hard to remember any Disney movie existing prior to Frozen on this side of the decade, but 2010€™s Tangled had both Anna and Elsa trying to land the part of Rapunzel. Funnily enough, their auditions for the film are what helped both of them get their respective parts in Frozen. Kristen Bell€™s Tangled audition had the casting director recommend her towards Chris Buck, whose film, then titled €œThe Snow Queen,€ was in development at that point. Let€™s be real: it would€™ve been pretty great. The perky, bright-voiced Bell can easily be imagined as the perky, bright-voiced Rapunzel, what with both Rapunzel and Anna being wistful princesses who want to experience life on their own terms (just like, let€™s face it, half of Disney€™s princess arsenal). The frosty, troubled Elsa, on the other hand, is far better suited for the awe-inspiring vocals of Broadway star Idina Menzel. She, too, auditioned for Rapunzel, but said that her audition €œfell through the cracks.€ Luckily for Menzel, the casting director was apparently a huge fan, and was always waiting for the right part for her. It's lucky for the rest of us that the casting director didn€™t €œlet her go,€ because snow queen Elsa is undoubtedly the perfect fit.
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