10 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Famous Movies

8. Indy & His Dad Become Immortal At The End Of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

Indy Here's a misconception that you hear from pretty much every second person who has sat down to watch the third movie in the Indiana Jones trilogy, presumably because the film doesn't make it quite clear as to what the rules are regarding the Holy Grail, and because the one line that does explain said rules is mentioned rather briefly. That's to say, when Indy and his father drink from the Grail towards the end of the Last Crusade, they don't gain immortality, as often thought. When Henry Jones Snr. gets shot, Indy makes his way through various deadly traps to reach the Holy Grail, which has the power to make anyone who drinks from it immortal. Indy drinks from it to test it's the real deal, and then his dad does afterwards, an act which presumably gives them both everlasting life, right? Nope. The Grail Knight guarding this ancient artefact specifies that the power of the Grail only works inside the temple, and passing the seal at the entrance will result in a loss of immortality. Need more proof? Henry Jones. Snr is referred to as being dead in the fourth movie, which reinforces the point, although this still remains a common misconception.

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