10 Things We Expect To Happen In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

To Phrase Three and beyond...

The great thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is that while its stories are quite faithful to the comic books, they€™re taking off in directions that were completely unexpected. When Iron Man was released, all we were expecting was to see Tony Stark find new meaning in life by flying around in a metal suit. We had no idea that we€™d be graced by a visit from Nick Fury, who opened up a new world by mentioning the Avengers Initiative. Thor started out as a movie about Asgardians and introduced us to the Cosmic Cu...sorry, the Tesseract, and Captain America gave us a hint of things to come in The Avengers. Yes, they follow the source material closely, but the creative minds behind comicdom€™s first shared film universe have managed to keep us on our toes. That being said, if you pay attention to Easter eggs in these movies or the behind-the-scenes developments, it€™s possible to gauge where the franchise will be taken in the future. Whether it€™s a location mentioned, a character name dropped, word of an actor€™s plans in the franchise or even just the title of a future project, a little deductive work is all that€™s required to make an educated guess on future events in the MCU. This list will take a look at many of these factors, whether they be in the films or behind-the-scenes, and deduce how they will be incorporated into Marvel€™s upcoming projects. So let€™s break out that crystal ball and peer into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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