10 Things Fanboys Won't Accept About 2016 Movies

Often, anger is much easier...

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Fanboys. Fanboys everywhere. Being a fanboy is nothing to be ashamed of, and honestly, most fans with a passion for movies are no doubt guilty of some irrational fanboy-ing. The problem is that every now and then this passion can get out of hand and turn fans on each other, often getting rather nasty.

With geek culture now at the forefront of films and TV and everything in between there is a lot of material for fanboys (and girls of course) to get stuck into, and either share joyous conversations sharing opinions or rip each other's faces off over disagreements.

This year has seen the release of a number of properties with very hot-blooded fan bases eager to share their thoughts and feelings wherever they can. Though a large amount of said fan bases can move on and sometimes even enjoy a change to their beloved material, others can be a little more difficult to persuade.

10. The Ghostbusters Reboot Was Not All That Bad

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The introduction of Paul Feig's all female Ghosbusters reboot of the incredibly popular film from the early 1980's has been one of the biggest controversies of the year. A quick scan of the comments sections anywhere on the internet that happened to mention this reboot, and it's evident how immeasurably furious the fanboys were about it. The majority of the hate being thrown directly at the female cast. This pro-feminist agenda was surely the end of the film industry as we know it with Ghostbusters destined to be the worst film in cinematic history.

No one could have predicted that it would be...just a film. Hardly a great film, but not the travesty people expected either, Ghosbusters is a pretty average endeavour that can be thrown into the ever-growing pile of misjudged reboots. A perfectly enjoyable romp, the finished product doesn't even have much in common with the original aside from the more obvious elements. Ultimately, the film was not worth getting worked up about.

Still, those who declared the film to be the first sign of the oncoming apocalypse cannot seem to accept that the film is fine. Sure, it may be nothing more than an extended SNL sketch with a lot of the jokes falling flat, but overall it's as decent as a Ghostbusters reboot made by Paul Feig could ever be.


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