10 Things Fans Want To See In MCU Spider-Man 3

9. Peter on the run

Spider-Man Multiverse
Sony Pictures

The cliff-hanger at the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home left fans wondering about the fate of Peter Parker leading into the future instalments. Fans have been questioning how Marvel will remedy Parker’s revealed identity and how he will cope now that has been brandished a murderer. However, one possible story arc stemming from this has gotten fans excited.

With the police inevitably out to arrest Peter, it is highly expected he will go on the run to try and clear his name. This story arc would be interesting to see as Peter has always had Aunt May, Ned and MJ to support him, so seeing him on his own and fending for himself would be a unique arc fans have not seen before.

Even better, this version of Spidey has relied more than ever on tech and billionaire resources. Seeing him stripped of those will bring him in line with the rough-and-tumble version of the character fans love.

Hopefully, the filmmakers would take inspiration from The Amazing Spider-Man in which Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man has some epic fights and run ins with the police. It would be an exciting plot line that would push Peter Parker to his limit.


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