10 Things In The DCEU That Make No Sense

Let's look at the plotholes in the DCEU... that definitely won't upset anybody.

Warner Bros.

The DC Extended Universe has had a rocky ride since it launched in 2013. If you love all the DCEU films, great! However, you can't deny that the journey from the franchise's inception to now has been tumultuous at best. Considering that the films have had to deal with reshoots, change of directors, negative critical receptions, and THAT moustache, we can all agree it's been pretty tough.

DC managed to make a miraculous recovery in recent years with hits like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam. Although there was a point where comic fans were dreading the next DCEU film, things seem more positive now and fans can't wait for upcoming projects like Black Adam, The Batman, and Wonder Woman 1984.

But just because the films are doing well doesn't mean they are perfect. There are a few plotholes here and there that can't help but annoy viewers.

Now, don't get me wrong. The best movies ever made have moments of inconsistency if you look hard enough. Some plotholes are unavoidable. Sometimes, the plot has to be compromised for the sake of spectacle. But there are some plotholes that are so silly and easy to fix, you will be baffled how the writers and directors left them in the finished film.


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