10 Things Man Of Steel 2 Needs To Be Great

The secrets to success for Superman's next adventure...

Man Of Steel 2
Warner Bros.

After years of rumors and rumblings, DC looks to be moving forward on another Superman solo film. New reports suggest that the studio will be making some major announcements regarding the production very soon, with a 2020 release date in mind.

It's no secret that Superman films have faced some difficulties over the years. The latter installments of the original Christopher Reeves films fell well short of the success of the first two, Superman Returns underperformed at the box office, Man of Steel split audiences and critics, Batman V. Superman was even more polarizing, and then Justice League saw him fighting the worst villain of all: an unshaveable mustache.

So Man of Steel 2 not only has the weight of course correcting the DCEU Superman on its shoulders, but is also carrying the weight of making Superman relevant again for a whole generation who have grown up without him as a central icon.

That's a lot of pressure but there are a number of steps DC can take to make sure this film is the one that recements Superman's status as the superhero.

10. Believable Daily Planet

Man Of Steel 2
DC Comics

For starters, Clark Kent needs an actual place to work.

The Daily Planet was teased at the end of Man of Steel and then featured as an actual location in BvS. However, it was never fleshed out beyond 'dull place where Clark works when he's not being Superman', partly because of how uninterested Snyder was in anything having to do with Superman's less heroic alter ego.

The most time ever spent there in BvS was practically less than a minute of screentime at a time, resulting in it being a key setting that never had the chance to actually develop any characteristics or hallmarks.

It's also worth pointing out that even the brief periods of time spent in the Planet in BvS was utterly nonsensical. Perry White doles out different sections of the paper to different writers each day as if the paper doesn't have a specific writer for each section.

The Planet is a real, fleshed out location in the comics and the animated series, and it deserves a proper live-action treatment. It would give the film a chance to show us a different side of Metropolis and how Clark actually views the city he's protecting. His work at the Planet as Clark is frequently a passion for him as well, not just a cover-up for his superheroics. A believable Daily Planet would give Clark more depth as a character, instead of just being Superman-in-disguise.


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