10 Things Man Of Steel 2 Needs To Be Great

9. Jimmy Olsen As An Actual Character

Man Of Steel 2
DC Comics

Yes, technically speaking, Jimmy Olsen appeared in BvS, but, in the theatrical cut, the man's identity is never actually confirmed. So, instead of Olsen being a douchey photographer who dies after seconds of screentime and never even sets foot in Metropolis or gets to be Superman's number one fan, DC could simply try again.

It would certainly not be the first time a film in the DCEU has broken with continuity and it won't be the last either. But despite Snyder's disdain for the character, Jimmy Olsen does actually matter in the Superman comics. He's a beloved friend of both Clark and Lois and Superman's biggest fan.

Heck, at various points in time, he's even become his own superhero and headliner. Man of Steel 2 doesn't have to give Olsen tons of screentime (in fact, please don't) but he does at least deserve the chance to actually be Jimmy Olsen. His inclusion in the film would go a long way towards establishing how the public now feels about Supes. Even if some of the rest of the world is still on the ropes about him, having Olsen there to root for him would establish that at least some people have come around on Superman and believe in him now.


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