10 Things Movie Fans Find Too Distracting

Too. Much. Shaky. Cam.

Star Trek Into Darkness
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As you likely already know, we're currently living in the age of distraction.

With social media dominating our head spaces, video games growing more compelling and engaging, and streaming services giving us the option to drop in and out of our favourite shows as and when we please, it's never been harder to fully switch off from the outside world and immerse yourself in a feature length story without having your attention disrupted.

That's why the cinema is still seen as such a sacred place for many. A secure spot where fans can completely lose themselves in a world, without the temptation of a PlayStation, iPhone or TV episode you've already seen 100 times before.

However, in recent times our precious cinematic experiences have also started to become polluted by the toxic gas of modern distractions. Jarring celebrity guest appearances, infuriatingly blatant product placement and dumb attempts to enhance the way we watch movies have all angered, confused or outright put off cinema-goers around the world.

Unfortunately, this is probably just the depressing beginning and it won't be too long before a Coca Cola sponsored T-Rex gobbles up Chris Pratt in Jurassic World 4: Holidays Are Coming.

10. Bad Celebrity Cameos

Star Trek Into Darkness
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This isn't a knock on cameos altogether, as some help create genuinely brilliant and equally unexpected moments in some of our favourite films. Appearances like Hugh Jackman turning up again as Wolverine in X-Men: First Class and Johnny Depp returning to the world of 21 Jump Street in the movie adaptation both worked so well because they made sense for the story.

Yet, when a celebrity is just shoe-horned into a feature for the hell of it, most fans are taken straight out of whatever flick they're watching and forced to watch a high profile personality invade their experience just because they fancied a go at doing the movie thing.

Michael Jackson springing up in Men in Black II, Jimmy Fallon making an appearance inside of a Gyrosphere in Jurassic World and Paul McCartney playing a character in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales are all clear examples of studios just massaging the egos of famous names who wanted to appear in their favourite franchises, all while adding some more 'star power' to movies which weren't exactly lacking it in the first place.


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