10 Things Nobody Wants Admit About The Amazing Spider-Man Films

9. They Attempted Something Different (And Should Be Praised For It)

Amazing Spider-Man 2

One of the reasons why The Amazing Spider-Man films are often criticised is down to the fact that they didn't offer anything different from the previous trilogy.

While there's some truth in that given that the first film rehashes his origin story and the second culminates in an underwhelming adaptation of its source material, it isn't exactly an argument that holds up. The reason for that is the fact that the two films offer up plenty of their own unique attributes as well.

For starters, the mystery surrounding the death of Peter's parents imbued the series with its own original narrative and purpose, serving as a unique thread that tied the two films together. It also ensured that there was enough originality in Peter's familiar story to justify the existence of the reboot and, furthermore, it gave fans another reason to root for Andrew Garfield's webslinger.

It wasn't always a successful approach but it did lend itself to the films' more serious tone and allowed the franchise to set itself apart from its predecessor and these movies deserve more credit for trying something different.


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