10 Things Peter Jackson Wants You To Forget About The Hobbit

10. The Dwarves Lack Their Colored Hoods

Hobbit Group This is a minor quibble compared to the major offenses that'll be highlighted later in this article, but it still shows a lack of attention to detail from a director who adhered so closely to descriptions given in The Lord Of The Rings novels. When you first meet the Dwarves in the original Hobbit story, they are identified primarily by the colors of the hoods they wear - and there is quite a variety of color among Thorin Oakenshield's company. There are Dwarves with scarlet, yellow, brown, and green hoods; Thorin himself is distinguished by his blue hood with the silver tassel. In the two Hobbit movies released so far, however, these hoods are nowhere to be seen. Their clothes are rougher and do look like the kinds of garments that poor, homeless Dwarves might wear, but the hoods could still have been incorporated into the costumes. If nothing else, the different colors could have helped the audience keep track of the company members!

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