10 Things The DCEU Wishes It Could've Done Differently

So... why wasn't Joker the villain in Suicide Squad?

Warner Bros.

The DC Extended Universe has had a rough ride throughout its current seven-film roster, and though things are looking much more positive lately with well-received movies like Aquaman and Shazam, the road Warner Bros. and DC took to get to this point is one littered with mistakes and misfires.

From ill-advised production decisions to poor story choices and some plain bad movies, the DCEU has had a less-than ideal first six years in the wild, but it has shown a lot of potential - and even some flashes of brilliance here and there - all the same.

So, in an effort to mix things up, Warner Bros. has changed course with their DC movie operation in recent years, putting us at the start of a new beginning for the franchise as it moves away from interconnected storytelling and focuses on more standalone adventures.

And so far, things are looking bright for this refreshed DCEU, but even though they're in a good place right now, there are plenty of things that Warner Bros and DC would've liked to have done differently along the way.


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