10 Things The X-Men Franchise Wishes It Could've Done Differently

Does ANYONE understand the damn timeline?

X-Men Days of Future Past
20th Century Fox

Fox's X-Men franchise played a pivotal part in championing mainstream acceptance of superhero movies as worthwhile entertainment, and though the series endured a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs over its almost 20 years in existence, its legacy and influence cannot be disputed.

But now that it's effectively all over as the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepares to reboot the IP in the coming years, it's an apt time to reflect upon those elements which Fox surely wishes they would've done differently.

20:20 hindsight is a wonderful thing, of course, and with some of these issues being the result of nothing more than bad luck or poor timing, there's only so much that could've ever been done to correct them.

That said, it's also clear that the lack of a Kevin Feige-like creative overseer severely harmed the franchise in its later years, and the X-Men sadly ended up limping to a whimper rather than going out on a venerated high.

If Fox had been able to remedy these issues, however, it's entirely possible the X-Men franchise would've never fatigued audiences and critics, nor prompted the MCU to clear the table and start fresh...

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